ACO Eurobar

Concast iron products and solutions

Components made of ACO Eurobar® quality continuous casting for various industry sectors

Pre-machined and finished components from the ACO Eurobar® quality continuous casting in GJL and GJS are used in many different industry sectors. For example, in the hydraulics and pneumatic industry, the glass-mould industry, in mechanical engineering and machine-tool engineering, as well as in the automotive industry and engine manufacturing.
Our qualified sales team can advise as to which individual products and solutions we can offer.
In addition, ACO Eurobar offers its customers various services to assist in finding not only the right product but also complementary information about it. Examples are our Stock List or our Weight Calculator App.

Mechanical engineering


Mechanical engineering


Pump industry

Compressor rotor

Hydraulics industry

Hydraulic blocs

Glass-mould industry

Glass moulds

Machine-tool engineering

Various components