High silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron: A new material in the continuous-cast production

With the new edition of DIN EN 1563 – Spheroidal graphite cast irons – a new group of materials was included in the standard: high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron. This material concept is now also used in the continuous-cast production. 

Whereas conventional spheroidal graphite cast iron materials achieve higher strengths through an increased pearlite content, thanks to the alloy the high silicon materials have an even, mainly ferritic structure strengthened by mixed crystals. 

For their respective strength the materials have high elongation at fracture values. With the same strength they provide approximately twice as much elongation at fracture as conventional ferritic pearlite materials. With the same strength the yield strengths are considerably higher than for the ferritic pearlite GJS materials.

The advantages of high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron:

  • High yield strength and high elongation to fracture opens up considerable potential for light construction
  • Even distribution of hardness and strength
  • Good machining properties
  • High dimensional stability of the workpieces during machining
  • Less tool wear

Conclusion: if design-technical properties such as yield point, vibrational strength, ductility and good machinability are required, high silicon materials in the form of continuous-cast products provide real alternatives and new opportunities.

Above all with regard to

  • light construction
  • substitution of steel materials
  • standardisation of continuous-cast materials
  • shorter machining times
  • longer tool lives
  • higher and reproducible continuous-cast and workpiece quality,

with its standardised or client-specific continuous-cast products made of high silicon spheroidal graphite cast iron, ACO Eurobar GmbH offers economic solutions not only for the production of individual components but also for small, medium and large-scale series production.

You will also find more about this topic in our latest specialist article: “High silicon cast iron competes with steel in the hydraulic industry".

 For getting more detailed information or sample pieces of the new material, please contact us.

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