Realignment ACO Guss: Foundry as full-service provider for machined parts in machine-moulded casting and continuous casting

During a customer event in Kaiserslautern on 23 April 2015 the ACO Guss and ACO Eurobar GmbH presented their repositioning to the public for the first time.

The ACO Guss Group which has sales subsidiaries throughout Europe and in South Africa, has invested continuously and considerably in state-of-the-art, partly highly automated machines and manufacturing facilities in their plant in Kaiserslautern/Germany.

During the extensive modernisation the foundry has also repositioned itself: as a full-service provider for machined-moulded castings and continuous casting products. ACO now offers its customers the option of being supplied with completely finished parts ready for the assembly line. This is due to the fact that the demand for (pre-)machined continuous casting and machine-moulded casting products is increasing, both nationally and internationally.

The castings are used within mechanical and constructional engineering, commercial vehicle construction, transmissions, the pump and hydraulic industry, infrastructure and many other sectors.

Another advantage of the new manufacturing facilities is that they provide better working, safety and environmental conditions (e.g. with a new dust collection device and furnaces with a reduced noise level.) These also ensure ecological and sustainable business.
Over 120 guests coming from 15 nations let themselves explain the new manufacturing facilities of the foundry within the factory tours.

ACO Eurobar introduces new Continuous Casting Handbook: ductile iron as an alternative to steel

At the event, the company also introduced its new Continuous Casting Handbook: The ACO Eurobar® Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron.

In the manual, the authors William Robert and Marco Antes discuss in detail the various fields of application for ductile iron as an alternative to steel.

For engineering parts which do not involve welding in their manufacture, continuous-cast ductile iron bar products are well worth considering as an attractive alternative to steel. The principal advantages offered by the ductile iron are weight, greater attenuation of vibrations and machinability. However, arguments against ductile iron and for and steel are also discussed - and how the properties of ductile iron can be optimized by e. g. austempered heat treatment.

The authors summarize: Continuous-cast ductile iron in the as-cast condition can for engineering components be considered as a replacement for carbon steels and free-machining steels. Heat-treated continuous-cast ductile iron is also an attractive alternative to heat-treated steels such as low-alloy quenched-and-tempered grades or case-hardening steels.

The ACO Eurobar® Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron can be ordered free of charge at

With more than 300 employees ACO Guss GmbH of Kaiserslautern / Germany produces up to 75,000 tons of cast iron per year. The company offers individual cast iron solutions in construction casting, machine-moulded casting and continuous casting and is a member of the ACO Group, the global market leader in drainage technology. ACO system solutions are used in construction and civil engineering as well as building services, shipbuilding and environmental protection. The family-owned company was founded in 1946 on the site of the Carlshütte foundry in Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf, the first industrial company in Schleswig-Holstein. ACO’s high quality standards stem from the global expertise of the group, intensive research and expertise in the processing of concrete polymers, plastic, cast iron, stainless steel and reinforced steel. ACO has a presence in over 40 countries across four continents, with 30 production sites run by the group. Worldwide the company has a staff of 4,000 and in 2014 generated sales of 670 million euros.
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