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Machining of parts from continuous cast iron: outsourcing saves time and money!

Sawing to length, turning, drilling/boring, peeling or milling: as a full-service supplier ACO Eurobar offers a complete machining service to their customers. Tell us what products you wish to manufacture from our continuous-cast material and give us the chance to explain the preparatory work we can do for you.

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ACO Eurobar® continuous casting products and solutions

Our offer ranges from standard as-cast bars in different materials and dimensions to fully finished components via our state-of-the-art machine shop - the programme of ACO Eurobar encompasses a broad variety of products and solutions that are individually tailored to customer requirements. The whole range of continuous cast iron products and services offered by ACO Eurobar is described in what follows.

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The range of ACO Eurobar includes a variety of products and components in GJL and GJS.

Products and Solutions

Sharing knowledge: ACO Eurobar® Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron

The ACO Eurobar® Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron
What type of material is continuous cast iron and what are its advantages compared with other materials? How can I obtain an ausferritic microstructure in an as-cast ductile iron? And what consequences does the somewhat reduced elastic modulus have in comparison with steel? 
Our Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron provides extensive background knowledge and the opportunity to quickly extend what you know about cast iron!

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ACO Eurobar and ACO Guss merge on 01.05.2022

In recent years, ACO Eurobar has built up and looked after the continuous casting business for the ACO Guss Group as a sales company.
The products have always been produced in the ACO Guss foundry. In future, the sales team will move organizationally to ACO Guss GmbH and take over support for all customers from there.

In order to improve efficiency and simplify processes, we have decided to merge our sales company for continuous casting, ACO Eurobar GmbH, with ACO Guss GmbH - the previous parent company - on 1 May 2022. For our customers, this means that the business partner will change - in future this will be ACO Guss GmbH - but not the contact person. All contact persons will remain unchanged, with the same email and telephone number. As usual, the sales team will ensure that our customers' orders are delivered in the same quality and with the same service as before.

ACO Guss GmbH enters into all contracts of ACO Eurobar GmbH and will fulfil them without restriction Principle of the legal successor). Therefore, existing orders already placed with ACO Eurobar and planned for delivery after 01.05.2022 can remain in place and do not have to be changed. These will then be delivered by ACO Guss GmbH at the conditions originally agreed.

The name ACO Eurobar will be retained. This is because ACO Eurobar will be the brand for continuous casting from ACO Guss GmbH in future. We will continue to work with our customers to ensure that continuous cast products from Kaiserslautern remain the reference for quality and reliability in Europe.