Competence in machining of continuous cast iron

Qualified consulting for individual customer solutions

The programme of ACO Eurobar® quality continuous casting material that we offer to our customers comprises not only as-cast bars but also pre-machined semis as well as fully-finished products. We have realized that our customers increasingly outsource pre-machining in order to save time and money. As a full service provider for machined parts from concast iron, ACO Eurobar is synonymous with good quality, speedy service and a high degree of efficiency. We take over much of the preparatory work for our customers.

We have a full range of machining operations at our disposal, sawing to length, turning, drilling, boring, milling and peeling. State-of-the-art equipment including fully automated milling machines, CNC lathes, and robot-assisted manufacturing cells permits us to realise tailored solutions to any tolerances which our customers may specify.

We are constantly expanding our possibilities for processing via machining. Through a network of machining partners, our own expertise and reference customers, we have already realised sophisticated solutions for, for example, the glass mould industry, compressor manufacture, mechanical and machine-tool engineering as well as other sectors.