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Competence in machining of continuous cast iron

Qualified consulting for individual customer solutions

The programme of ACO Eurobar® quality continuous casting material that we offer to our customers comprises not only as-cast bars but also pre-machined semis as well as fully-finished products. We have realized that our customers increasingly outsource pre-machining in order to save time and money. As a full service provider for machined parts from concast iron, ACO Eurobar is synonymous with good quality, speedy service and a high degree of efficiency. We take over much of the preparatory work for our customers.

We have a full range of machining operations at our disposal, sawing to length, turning, drilling, boring, milling and peeling. State-of-the-art equipment including fully automated milling machines, CNC lathes, and robot-assisted manufacturing cells permits us to realise tailored solutions to any tolerances which our customers may specify.

We are constantly expanding our possibilities for processing via machining. Through a network of machining partners, our own expertise and reference customers, we have already realised sophisticated solutions for, for example, the glass mould industry, compressor manufacture, mechanical and machine-tool engineering as well as other sectors.

Sawing to length

Our modern machines enable us to cut concast bars in parity with customer specifications as regards dimensions, tolerances and batch sizes. For example, a CNC circular-saw centre is capable of cutting segments from various concast shapes in batch sizes from 100 pieces and upwards at short notice. This is complemented with automatic-feed band saws for cutting medium-large batches in dimensions up to 500 mm diameter combined with lengths as small as 10 mm. Another option we offer customers is cutting continuous-cast material into blocks and slabs.

Turning and boring

Our standard equipment includes modern CNC lathes for manufacture of turned sections, bushings, and machined parts with rotational symmetry. This is complemented by a number of conventional lathes for pre-machining round bars. Equipment for drilling core holes permits production of bushings up to 1,200 mm in length. With a new production cell, we can now also offer pre-turned individual parts such as bodies and rings for glass moulding.


Customers can also be supplied with continuous-cast bars in peeled condition. We can peel diameters in the range
28-125 mm on our automatic machine. Peeled bars facilitate downstream processing because there is no need for a machining allowance. Moreover, this approach permits realisation of small diameters that are difficult to achieve directly via casting.


Our high-performance milling machines enable the extremely efficient pre-processing of continuous casting - the removal of machining allowance in the outer skin. Swivel heads allow machining of continuous-cast pieces on four or even six sides. This permits complete conformance to pre- or finish-machined dimensions within tolerances specified by the customer.

Qualified consulting for individual customer solutions

If you are curious whether we could manufacture the part you need with our processing methods and contacts, just ask!

As an exclusive service, we offer our customers the possibility of consultation in order to identify savings in materials selection and manufacture for their products. If you think we can help, ask for an appointment with our experts!