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ACO Eurobar Service: Everything you need to know about continuous casting!

Knowledge secures advantage: With the ACO Eurobar® Technical Handbook for Continuous-Cast Ductile Iron we want to provide our customers with valuable information about the topic of continuous casting. A look at the manual is worthwhile if you want to know more for example about the substitution of steel by cast iron. Or why the material is very well suited for use in mechanical engineering or glass-mould industry, in the hydraulics or automotive industry. 

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Machining recommendation for Ductile Iron

Machinability is a multi-facetted concept encompassing not only productivity factors like speeds and feeds but also tool wear, surface finish, chip characteristics and power requirements.

It is an important attribute for an engineering material since machining can account for up to 50% of the overall manufacturing cost for a component. Thanks to the presence of graphite, ductile iron has excellent machinability, fully on-a-par with many free-machining steels. Graphite facilitates chip formation and at the same time lowers friction leading to reduced cutting forces and better tool life.

A rough indication of the effect of type of machining operation can be gained from the table below which illustrates the typical range of feasible machining speeds for turning, milling, etc.

In many instances, the combination of lower weight and better machinability than steel will more than compensate for a somewhat higher material price for ductile iron. This is illustrated by the following examples.

The ACO Eurobar® Ductile Iron Handbook

Our authors William Roberts and Marco Antes have researched for you: What are the advantages of concast ductile iron compared with other materials? When should you use it and why? A look into this publication will give insight.
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Ductile iron as alternative material

Lead-alloyed steels find wide use in the engineering industry thanks to their excellent machining characteristics. However, recent studies indicate environmental and health risks. Good to know that an alternative already exists.

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