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What implications does the new EN 16482, and in particular the new ACO Eurobar Factory Standard, have for our customers?

1. New ACO Eurobar material designations and colour codes

2. Official standards bring the following advantages:

  • fewer product differences (even though the number of manufacturers may be large),
  • reduced risk in exports, and
  • legal protection.

These advantages are achieved through clear and standardized ordering routines.

3. With our new factory standard "ACO Eurobar® Technical Documentation” our aim is to make the order process as simple as possible for you. 

Further advantages: ACO Eurobar guarantees the following additional properties and characteristics beyond EN 16482:

  • Colour coding based upon the international RAL system (exclusive to ACO Eurobar)
  • Explanations for using tables and related specifications (example: machining allowances).
  • Graphite and matrix microstructures over the entire cross-section and for all types of cast iron.
  • Both hardness and mechanical properties are guaranteed – not a feature of EN 16482.
  • The „Catalogue on typical features of concast materials“, which is unique in the market, describes not only process-related surface appearance, but also provides all information about the material and the defects which it is possible to find.

4. With the help of the additional tips and hints in the Technical Documentation of ACO Eurobar, our customers are able to

  • better compare continuous cast iron products,
  • make tenders faster,
  • minimize sources of error, and
  • generally raise the efficiency of their operations.

Please call us if you have any questions or suggestions related to our new ACO Eurobar® factory standard. We consider feedback from our customers to be essential in order to further improve our manufacturing processes, products and services.

The European standard "EN 16482 - Cast Iron - Continuous Casting" was released in September 2014. It is available under either as a paid download or hard document. As a member of the Standards Committee and experienced manufacturer of high quality continuous cast iron, the ACO Guss GmbH team was intensively involved in the development of the new standard.