Quality is our trademark: ACO Eurobar® continuous casting

As a manufacturer of continuous cast iron, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products and provide materials based upon the new European standard "EN 16482 - Cast Iron - Continuous Casting". ACO Eurobar® quality continuous-cast products are available in all standard profiles and dimensions and in a wide range of materials. We deliver our continuous cast iron not only as-cast, but also as pre-machined semis or as a completely finished machined part. Our primary goal as a supplier of continuous casting is to offer our customers high quality concast iron products at an acceptable cost. A continuous replenishment of our bar stocks in combination with sophisticated logistics guarantees a high level of availability with short lead times.

Advantages of concast iron

ACO Eurobar continuous cast iron offers considerable advantages when compared with steel, cast-to-shape parts and aluminium.

Machining of concast iron

Whether it is sawing to length, turning, drilling/boring, milling or peeling, outsourcing of the pre-machining of continuous cast iron can save you time and money! ACO Eurobar offers its customers pre-machined semis as well as fully-finished parts.

Concast iron products

The programme of ACO Eurobar includes a variety of products and components, in both GJL and GJS, for demanding customers from various industry sectors.

ACO Eurobar® Factory Standard

The current ACO Eurobar® Factory Standard ACO 0-200.003 is based on the material designations in EN 16482. Here you will find all relevant information and an overview of the new designations and color markings.

ACO weight calculator

Use our weight calculator-app for an accurate estimate of the weight of the continuous casting products needed for your project quickly and easily.

Quality assurance concast iron

Proven concast iron quality: Using modern techniques, we perform extensive testing in order to guarantee quality for both as-cast and machined products. Client-specific testing can be performed upon request.